Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play Darth Vader's Theme Here....

Hey, folks. Can't talk long tonight, because I've got an exam tomorrow and I can't stay up late. I'm not really worried about the exam, per se. I've studied and I know the material fairly well...I just don't test well at all. I'm really nervous that I'm going to walk in and completely forget everything I've learned. Not to mention the fact that it's a psychology exam, and those can either be REALLY easy, or REALLY hard. Please pray for me, if you get a chance. However, I'm also thrilled that my new piano is getting tuned tomorrow, HOORAY! I can't wait to hear how it sounds once all those sour notes are fixed. Today was a good day, though. I slept until ten (guilty), got dressed, and did some chores. Then I went to Target, picked up "Order of the Phoenix" and came home. Bobby came over shortly afterwards, and Evan, Shelby and I played Frisbee with him in the front yard for a's eighty frigging degrees here, so the weather was undeniably beautiful. The Frisbee did get run over at one point but miraculously, wasn't broken! Weird....Evan and Bobby also demonstrated their skill at rolling when I told them how I'd been taught at self-defense class. They tried to make me do it, but thankfully, I eluded them. Soon after this, Bobby took Shelby to the bank, and they came home with ice cream for everyone. Yum! Shelby and I watched Harry Potter while Mom had her yearbook Christmas party (although we were interrupted several times by Mom, Bobby, and Drew. Conspiracy, perhaps? Who knows.). After that, I found out that my exam is tomorrow, not Thursday as I'd thought, so I had to do some power studying. Thankfully, the exam is going to be on Social Psychology, which I'd already spent a whole semester on in my, gasp! Social Psychology class! Anyway, soon after I finished studying, we found out that Drew was going to stay here at the house for the next couple of days so that he can avoid the Italian mafia, so Evan and I cleaned out the guest room and I cleaned his bathroom, because Evan OBVIOUSLY has NO idea how to clean a bathroom properly. Now I'm here. Fun, productive, and FAST! Good day. How was yours?